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Greetings. To the members of the Second Episcopal District Lay Organization. First, let me begin by saying “Thank You”. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in Lay Ministry as your Episcopal District President. It is my heart’s desire to “Serve God with a spirit of Excellence”. Our Connectional Lay Biennial theme, “Building on our Global Legacy of Christ Centered Leadership and Training”, serves as both our Mission, “To Go everywhere and tell everyone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ”, and our Method, “the giving of various Ministry gifts to build up the Body of Christ. This theme is our focus for the next few years. While ‘Teaching and Training’, are listed as objectives for our Connectional, District, Annual Conference and Local Lay Organizations, the collective wisdom of our Connectional Lay Organization, makes a distinction in the pursuit of Christ Centered teaching and training. The end results being Salvation for the lost, and a Deepening of our Faith walk, while on the journey. To that end, the theme suggests that there is a foundation that we can build upon. The leadership legacy of the Second Episcopal District is a treasured part of that foundation. The theme further suggests that our work, what we contribute today, is a part of the ongoing process that leads for greater work. The Second Episcopal District is also a part of that ongoing process. In this season of celebration, as the Connectional Lay Organization looks back from 1912 to 2012, 100 years of continuous service in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, To God Be the Glory! We will continue to celebrate our glorious past, endeavor to serve the present age, fulfilling our call for the future. President Valerie Bell

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