Second District Officers

January 6th, 2019 by

Second Episcopal District Holds Seventeenth Lay Convention

By Janie F. Reeder


Photo by G. Tate

The Second Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church convened its Seventeenth Biennial Convention on September 27, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel in Newport News, Virginia.   The theme “Social Justice: Empowering the People” was the guiding principle for the workshops and

services presented at the convention.   The National Political agenda intruded itself in the process as delegates were forced to consider the Social Justice responsibilities of the laity as Christians in our Zion.   Delegates were constantly reminded to go home and spread the word that voting in the November National Elections is paramount, and is our Christian duty to” render unto “Caesar”.

Delegates came empowered to, not only participate in the convention workshops, but to put social action to work by electing a new executive board to carry on the work of the District for the next four years.  As candidates campaigned for various offices, it created an atmosphere of excitement and inclusion.  The following persons were elected:  Matthew Douglas,  President (WCLO); Florence Warren, First Vice President, (NCLO), Jean Wilson Richie, Second Vice President, (BCLO); Yvonne M. Davis, Third Vice President, (NCLO); Valerie Terry, Financial Secretary (VCLO); Kenneth Woods, Chaplain (WNCLO); Darwin Curry, Historiographer (WCLO); Larry Rhodes, Parliamentarian (WNCLO);  Adrienne Warren, Director of Lay Activities (WCLO).

The election was conducted by the Connectional President, Valerie Gary Bell, who insured that every step in the process of voting and counting was transparent, and adhered to all of the established rules of the church and Roberts Rules of Order.

Bishop James Levert Davis, Presiding Prelate of the Second Episcopal District, administered the oath of office to the elected candidates.   His prayer for each officer was to take the work of the position seriously, and make those who elected you proud.